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I had completed my residency and my parents were after me morning and night “get married”. To make the story short I found a man of my dreams. I wanted to marry a doctor so that he would understand my long hours at work. Thank You



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  • Dr.Khushnuma

    Dr.Khushnuma Photo

    Age: 37 year

    City: Bareilly

  • Reshma Bano

    Reshma Bano Photo

    Age: 32 year

    City: Bareilly

  • Suraiya Salmani

    Suraiya Salmani Photo

    Age: 31 year

    City: Bijnor

  • Cindy Clara

    Cindy Clara Photo

    Age: 26 year

    City: Panjim

  • Najiya Khan

    Najiya Khan  Photo

    Age: 25 year

    City: Hardoi

  • Ashma Khan

    Ashma Khan  Photo

    Age: 38 year

    City: Jhansi

  • Nasreen

    Nasreen  Photo

    Age: 36 year

    City: Almora

  • Fatima

    Fatima  Photo

    Age: 33 year

    City: Maurawan

  • Sajiya

    Sajiya  Photo

    Age: 30 year

    City: Kanpur

  • Gulafsha

    Gulafsha  Photo

    Age: 27 year

    City: Bareilly

  • Sabnam Khan

    Sabnam Khan  Photo

    Age: 37 year

    City: Naini Tal

  • Muvina

    Muvina  Photo

    Age: 34 year

    City: Jhansi

  • Dr.Gulnazj

    Dr.Gulnazj Photo

    Age: 31 year

    City: Pilibhit

  • Tanveer Khan

    Tanveer Khan  Photo

    Age: 34 year

    City: Aurangabad

  • Shireen

    Shireen  Photo

    Age: 29 year

    City: Bijnor

  • Sba Raheem

    Sba Raheem  Photo

    Age: 34 year

    City: Jhansi

  • Zeenat Jahan

    Zeenat Jahan Photo

    Age: 27 year

    City: Dehli



  • Mohd Amzad Ansari

    Mohd Amzad Ansari

    Age: 30 year

    City: Chandigarh



    Age: 36 year

    City: Jalesar

  • M.A.Khan


    Age: 49 year

    City: Jammu

  • Krishna Kumar

    Krishna Kumar

    Age: 34 year

    City: Morena

  • Syed Azhar Rizwi

    Syed Azhar Rizwi

    Age: 47 year

    City: Lucknow

  • Syyed Azhar Rizwi

    Syyed Azhar Rizwi

    Age: 46 year

    City: Lucknow



    Age: 36 year

    City: Nanded

  • Mohd Nishar

    Mohd Nishar

    Age: 28 year

    City: Sambhal

  • R.N.Agrwal


    Age: 38 year

    City: Dehli

  • Shamsul Tavrez

    Shamsul Tavrez

    Age: 31 year

    City: Drug

  • Seraz Uddin

    Seraz Uddin

    Age: 28 year

    City: Bhadohi

  • Israr khan

    Israr khan

    Age: 27 year

    City: Noida

  • Mohd Danish

    Mohd Danish

    Age: 30 year

    City: Lucknow

  • Javed Ahmad

    Javed Ahmad

    Age: 40 year

    City: Allahabad

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